“HeartMath tools took 7 strokes off my golf game, fast, once I really understood the process. Plus, I’ve seen the way to reduce my score more.”
– D.M., San Diego

“Not only were my mental skills continually improving, but they were working in game conditions, not just practice.”
– Billy Cundiff
NFL Football, former Baltimore Ravens

“I have more energy. I’m more relaxed. Being a single mom of 3 children, I forgot to take care of me. That has changed completely and the dynamics of my family is so much healthier.”
Victoria V

“I must say, too, that the benefit for me is valuable beyond silver and gold. It is not only right up my alley… but implementing it for MYSELF ripples out into so many beneficial areas of my life. This, to me, is priceless. There is such a great need out there for HeartMath.”
Libby T

“About halfway through doing the workbook and the phone sessions, I realized that I had already had the most amazing shifts in my energy level, my ability to focus and accomplish so much more each day, and my ability to function at a much higher level in my some times-very-stressful work… ” C.M.

“I realized that my choices in behavior were not in alignment with what was most important to me; my own health and the health of my family.” A.C.

“The HeartMath program has allowed me to easily de-stress myself, even with all of the challenges and opportunities that arise in everyday life. Since (my) HeartMath training, I find that I can respond to demands and priorities with more focus and feel far more ready to make reasonable and thoughtful decisions…” -Renee

“I used to think that stress was just a normal part of life and the work day. Through the
HeartMath program I’ve learned that I have the ability to both avoid and defuse stressful situations in order to increase my health and make me a more productive team member.”
Paul Boice, RCA Director of Communications

“I feel that I’m thinking clearer and am more efficient at work and at home. I don’t feel
as overwhelmed by tasks as I have been in the past.”